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thefringefest's Journal

Montreal's Fringe Festival: Now Online
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"In a nutshell, the FRINGE is a performing arts festival open to absolutely anyone to perform absolutely anything. Participation is determined by lottery with no restrictions on content and artists receive 100% of their ticket price.

But that nutshell barely scratches the surface of the nuts below.

Like gardeners, Fringe artists plant the seeds of an idea, cultivate their creativity, separate the wheat from the chaff and finally share the fruits of their labour. And all the while the festival staff is on hand, encouraging the artists' growth with a healthy dose of fertilizer.

Some shows may be fresh and crisp, some too green, others overripe or wilted. Just remember, no tomato is too rotten to launch at the FRINGE."

We're glad you asked. In Canada a Fringe Festival is a performing arts festival which adheres to these four guiding CAFF principles and ideals :

• NON-JURIED. The festival is open to absolutely anyone to perform absolutely anything. There is no selection committee and absolutely no censorship.

• ACCESSIBILITY (for the artists). Everyone gets a fair shot at being in the festival. Artists are selected by lottery.

• ACCESSIBILITY (for the audience). Artists determine their own ticket price up to a maximum of $9 to keep the festival affordable to all. The idea is to encourage people to see more than one show and to take risks on shows they might not normally see.

• BOX OFFICE. 100% of the ticket price set by the artists is returned to the artists.

Last year (2005) the Montreal Fringe had an audience of about 53 000, our biggest ever. Over 20 000 tickets were sold to the indoor shows and 33 000 people enjoyed the free shows presented at our outdoor site. "

- The Official Fringe Festival Website

But what is this community for?
It's actually impossible to see every single one of the 97 shows that take place during the festival, and that's without mentioning the concerts. So how is a poor Fringer to know what he/she missed? This community was created to share stories, reviews, comments and recommendations concerning everyone's favorite Canadian drama festival.

Get posting!